Tuesday MILF(12 january 2016 playfulgirlcam) (9)Well we had arrived and in style we all got out of the limousine and as we adjusted ourselves we were met by two of the sexiest Spanish ladies I have ever seen Mark nudged me and said they were part of the entertainment staff, and right behind them were two of the hottest guys I guess girls need eye candy too I saw Sarah grab your bum and say they are entertainment too you giggled as she said it.
We were introduced and led in to the Villa where we were allocated our rooms overlooking the pool area as requested. As we were led through the amazing building and out through the back to the Pool area, which was beautiful and peaceful. We could not help but notice that the people here were all in various stages of dress, some totally naked others in costumes. Read More →

fukcdoll k1u7cWhat a great start to the evening watching you get fucked in a club full of people and you just standing there enjoying it, I was really looking forward to moving things on to the next bit of fun. Susan took Mark off to the changing room to clean his well-used cock off from all your sexy juice, while you and I went to get changed for a nice steam room/sauna.
As we walked with our drinks to the changing area I slipped my hand in to the back of your dress sliding it up to your wet pussy and straight away I felt the juice dripping from your hot pussy as we walked along again this was making me very hard and I knew as soon as we got to the changing room I would be adding to that mess inside of you. Read More →

Monday creampie  mom(january 25 2016 playfulcamgirl) (1)let you know straight from me how I got my first threesome. As my husband said, she would always tease me about having a threesome. One time we went out and he told me that we are out to meet a guy who wants to join us in a threesome but told me that we will do it. He said let us just see what he has to say. So I said ok. I could not understand how i felt but there was some excitement knowing that other guys found me sexy. To my dismay, my husband told me that he was only kidding and that we were just gonna have dinner. After that he would tease me as saying that someone has already agreed and then ask me if I wanted to go. I always answered, here you go again teasing me which turned out that he was indeed just teasing me. Read More →

Tuesday MILF(19 january 2016 playfulgirlcam) (9)During the course of our relationship, little by little I noticed that she was into watching porn a lot. I would catch her using her phone to watch porn. Then I saw a trend in the videos she watches. She was always watching 3some videos or wife sharing videos. So, one time I jumped beside her while she was watching and asked her if she gets turned on by seeing 2 guys fuck a girl or watching a girl get fucked in front of her husband? She simply nodded. So what I did was made a compilation of 3some and wife sharing videos which I gave her as a gift. She spent countless hours watching them and was later asking me to make her other compilations. Slowly, whenever I would catch her watching porn, I would throw the question “you would like to experience that won’t you”, she would always answer me I don’t think I can do it, a threesome or fuck someone else. Read More →

Don’t get me wrong, my wife was never the conservative, frigid nun type of a woman. In fact right from the very start of the relationship she immediately displayed how horny she can get. In fact the first time we ever had sex would make for a great post some other time. But for now, let us stick to the topic. She was horny but the thought of having sex with someone else other than me was enough to put her in a bad state. I guess this is true for most women specially here in our country whose supposed values are way up there. So my wife was horny but would only be horny with me. So, how did it happen that she is what she is now. Follow the blog and you will see. Till next time.

DOm and sub: complete surrenderI was lying in bed last night thinking about how I will start my weekend then my phone rings and it’s Mr X (that’s how is save contacts from here) I rolled my eyes and made a boring facial expression before I picked the call.
Mr X: hello moony, know who this is?
Me:of course I do, your the dude I flew to Abuja to spent the weekend with and got awfully disappointed
Mr X:Yeah I read you blog, am sorry that happened I guess I had a lot on my mind and I was self absorbed.
Me:so why invite me over when your mind was full? Just ain’t right
Mr X:I know. Listen am in your town are you free tonight? Read More →

Monday creampie  mom(january18 2016 playfulcamgirl (9)You meet her / maybe it could be me;-) one day for the first time

You return very well balanced from Paris, very hungry too. A few dates, all crap! Now, a lazy Sunday in London, you decide to be good to yourself and visit a gallery.

You are wandering around and then… there she is! Just standing, admiring the exhibit’s most popular painting, when you notice her. Trailing your eyes up from the floor, you notice she’s wearing stiletto sandals. You move your gaze up her long lean legs. She is wearing a short jeans skirt and a white tank top. Her red hair rests gently on her shoulders. Her arms are crossed in front of her, she studies the painting… She has a beautiful face which is covered in a thoughtful expression. Your eyes can´t stop wandering over her. Read More →

Monday creampie  mom(january 11 2016 playfulcamgirl (3)I dropped my dressing gown to the floor and was about to step into the shower when my husband walked in. His eyes scanned my naked body and I knew he was aroused. I felt vulnerable yet excited. He pressed his body against me reaching his arms around to my bottom grabbing and squeezing my cheeks. He turned me round and holding me close he fondled by breasts and then tugged my hard nipples. As he kissed my neck tingles ran down my whole body. He whispered softly in my ear ‘I’m going to take you from behind’. Read More →

Tuesday MILF(12 january 2016 playfulgirlcam) (10)A clitoral orgasm, for example, differs from a vaginal orgasm because different sets of nerves are involved.
All of the genitalia contain a huge number of nerve endings (the clitoris alone has more than 8,000 of them), which are, in turn, connected to large nerves that run up through the body to the spinal cord. (The exception is the vagus nerve, which bypasses the spinal cord.) They perform many other functions in the body in addition to providing the nerve supply, and therefore feedback to the brain, during sexual stimulation. Read More →

Tuesday MILF(26 january 2016 playfulgirlcam) (12)Whenever i go window shopping/shopping,
I always check the undergarments section in the mall, it has been my hobby to search or look something to wear that will make me feel sexy and hot even though I’m a BBW of course I can see that I have the guts and will take the risk to wear some sexy undergarment or even imagine to wear lingerie. Read More →